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getinthedamnbox is a studio led by Matt Surka, a storyteller with a strong affinity for multimedia. Matt has a long academic and professional history of carving tight, engaging stories out of large blocks of information: video footage, interview content, voiceover, music, graphics, data, and more.

Matt began his career by studying nonfiction writing at Brown. Afterward, he spent two years at a publishing organization and three years at a national nonprofit, using his skills to support the work of large technology firms, small nonprofits, government agencies, and everything in between. Concurrently, he created independent multimedia art, added a variety of tools and techniques to his repertoire, and began working in a freelance capacity.

Today, Matt is a full-time freelancer who works with an ever-wider range of clients, including musicians, marketing agencies, and more. He is as comfortable working on focused tasks (such as podcast edits and sound effects) as on multidisciplinary ones (such as videos and games). In all of his work, he is meticulous, diligent, and intent on building lasting relationships with his clients.

You can hire Matt here. By drawing on his broad experience with multimedia art, he can make your project unique, cohesive, and tailored precisely to the story you want to tell.