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NEETs of Gēcí

Creator Commentary

NEETs of Gēcí is a legacy project, inherited from a time when I kept my work private within my circle of friends. It started back in January 2013, when I got in the habit of sending motivational text messages to a few people I’m close with every Monday at 1:00pm ET. I called it Halfway Through Monday, and I’m still doing it today (the archive of Halfway Through Monday messages is available here).

After a couple years, I started experimenting with Halfway Through Monday, and NEETs of Gēcí was one of the results. It was, in part, a roundabout way of friendsourcing the content of my weekly messages. The rules of the first game were intensely convoluted, partly because I had limited development experience at the time and had to entwine my game around a preexisting system. It was fun, though, and emotions even ran high at some points.

In the second year of NEETs of Gēcí, I was able to use my beginner Unity experience to make a puzzle game from scratch. Unfortunately, the design and pacing weren’t very inviting, so players didn’t stick with it for long. The puzzle’s twist (which I’m still a little proud of) remains undiscovered, although I hold out hope that one day I can get enough people together to do a complete playthrough.

Although NEETs of Gēcí will most likely remain a private game, I may post about it in some limited capacity. For me, it’s like an annual solo game jam, and some cool ideas have come out of it.