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To tell a good story, engage your audience, and build your brand, you don’t necessarily need to hire someone who knows the full history of film formats, microphone polar patterns, or AI-based game design techniques. Instead, the best addition to your team might be a person with a keen sense for audiovisual aesthetics, a working knowledge of many tools and techniques, and a long track record of crafting compelling narratives. In short, a multimedia artist.

This is what I do. I can close the gaps in your creative pipeline, or I can be the pipeline in full. Sometimes, clients hire me to push half-abandoned projects over the finish line. Other times, I build from the ground up, from writing the story to perfecting the final product. I’ve created interview videos, music videos, slide presentations, podcasts, radio dramas, video games, infographics, research reports, and much more.

Having a different person for each task—and getting everyone to work together—can quickly balloon your scope and budget out of control. With me, you get a person with broader knowledge: someone who can create the assets and combine them into a finished work.

Ready to get started? Send me an email at or just say hi on Twitter. You can also read more about my background, view my resume, and see examples of my work.