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Matt Boyd-Surka

Software Engineer


Software engineer with a background in game development, sound design, and project management. Pursuing Master’s degrees in computer science and graphics/game technology at the University of Pennsylvania.



A solid engineering skill set earned through school and self-teaching.

Game Development

Four years of experience making games independently.

Project Management

Five years of professional management experience.


  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • OpenGL
  • Unity
  • Maya
  • Blender
  • Reaper
  • FMOD
  • Git
  • PlasticSCM
  • Qt
  • Eclipse
  • Adobe suite


Lead the Light

Programmer/Lead Producer

May 2018 – Aug. 2018

An action game for iOS/Android. Developed during MassDiGI’s Summer Innovation Program.

  • —Managed a team of four programmers, two artists, and one sound designer using Kanban.
  • —Prototyped, designed, and developed the game over a period of twelve weeks.
  • —Created gameplay and level-design systems, with a focus on making designer-friendly tools.
  • —Implemented numerous features including physics, spawning, controls, and boss behavior.
  • —Worked with art team to create animations, particle systems, and additional visual effects.
  • —Optimized the game by implementing an object pool and advocating good coding practices.
  • —Led meetings to ensure team agreement on art, design, and engineering decisions.
  • —Conducted frequent external tests with local organizations throughout development.
  • —Prepared the project for handoff to the launch team.


Project Lead

Jun. 2015 – Feb. 2016

An audio-only adventure through a lightless world. Recipient of the 2016 Figgie Award for Accessibility and Inclusion (Digital Showcase) at the Boston Festival of Indie Games.

  • —Managed a team of five contributors, including voice actors, musicians, and an illustrator.
  • —Wrote, directed, recorded, and produced voiceover for the game with three actors.
  • —Recorded, produced, and integrated sound effects to sculpt a complex audio-only world.



Dec. 2017

A Java application that creates an animation of a city’s roads using GraphHopper.

  • —Worked with two other developers to design, develop, and test the application.
  • —Assumed ownership of the animation code, integrating it with the main program.
  • —Refactored code responsible for managing trip data and converting it to screen space.


University of Pennsylvania (Aug. 2017 – Present)

Computer and Information Technology (MCIT)

Computer Graphics and Game Technology (CGGT)

Brown University (Sept. 2007 – May 2011)

English (Nonfiction)

Political Science (American Politics)

Matt Surka — — (724) 307-8752