getinthedamnbox: games, sounds, and other work by Matt Boyd-Surka


Creator Commentary

For my first major audio project (The Story of the World), I had to produce approximately 500 sound effects. I made them from scratch, often recording Foley in the middle of the night, when my roommate was asleep and there were fewer cars driving by outside. It was a grueling project, partly because I’d started with little experience, subpar equipment, and a terrible recording environment. I gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience from it, though.

Fast-forward a few months to summer 2015, when I was deep into developing HEARtREAD. Because I was spending most of my time programming, I needed some way to keep myself in the habit of recording and producing audio. (And, to be honest, my work was so lonely that I wanted to draw some of my friends into it, even if in the smallest way.) So, I started doing sfxchallenge, a weekly sonic warmup where people would tell me what sound effects to make, and I’d make them.

Some of the challenges were so elaborate that I ended up spending way more time on them than I’d planned, and in other cases I had to rush the work. Nonetheless, it was great practice and a lot of fun. My Foley library certainly benefitted, too.